Drawings, paintings and prints of plants and landscapes.

Anna’s Drawing Room is the work of Anna Vartiainen, a talented artist living in Worthing. Her pieces explore woodland and stories – particularly the interplay of light and shadow within nature.

Since childhood, Anna has been inspired by the outdoors. She would imagine different characters playing in the trunks and branches around the forest cabin where she spent her summers growing up in the Gulf of Finland. Nowadays, Anna continues to feel a childlike wonder in nature, and is captivated by interesting-looking plants and landscapes.

Largely self-taught, Anna works in pen, or brush and ink, creating moody monochrome pieces. Sometimes she translates these into more colourful screenprint designs. She also has a range of delicate botanical illustrated prints and linocuts.

Anna owns FOUND shop & studio at 2 Gratwicke Rd, Worthing, which stocks both her own art and that of other creators. It specialises in print and illustration, but you can also find artist-made gifts and cards inside.

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