Worthing Based Artist and Painter

Deb keeps her cards close to her chest. Her Instagram bio just says “Deb Dumbrell”, she has no website, but her work there speaks for itself. We love the recent paintings of the clown, and if you click “about” on her posts you can find some information about each piece. 

After a little more digging online, we found some information about her motives on a website called https://foxguardians.co.uk/;

“Deb is a Sussex-based artist who loves creating animal art in her garden studio, usually surrounded by her rescued cats. Deb raises thousands of pounds each year for many animal charities by creating and selling her unique artwork in aid of animals. She works in watercolour, acrylic, ink and pen on paper, canvas and board.”

Support Deb’s cause, and buy some of her excellent work. 

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