Diane Bailey recently relocated to Worthing from Dartmoor, bringing with her an esteemed reputation as an accomplished and skilled fine artist. She was awarded BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2013, and her work has been selected by multiple national academies.

Her paintings are brightly coloured and inquisitive, providing an up-close look at birds, as well as both exotic and common animals. Diane’s art is informed by her degree in design and studies in zoology; she has also worked in conservation and travelled the world several times. Her medium is acrylics. Diane can deftly capture an animal’s inner personality, which shows just how talented she is.

At the time of writing, Diane has a residency at the multitalented artistic hotspot of Worthing, Colonnade House. There, she met and befriended fellow Worthing and Beyonder Alison Tyldesley. In 2020, they collaborated on a shared wildlife and landscape painting exhibition called ‘Clouds and Claws’, which was their debut in the Worthing creative scene.

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