Self-taught artist inspired by colours, gardens and nature

Elizabeth English is a self-taught artist who finds inspiration in a hundred different things. “A field of flowers, a quirky sunset interior, or just some light playing on a pool of water [all inspire me],” she says. “A visit to a flea market, a right good rummage and – bingo! – an old chocolate tin discovered. I’m transported to a salon in Matisse’s Provence. Nearly always flowers are involved.”

For Liz, it’s all about colour. She began working with colours in her home and in the garden, but now channels this passion through her painting. She works mainly with acrylics on paper and canvas, and has experimented with adding freeform embroidery on top of her paintings to increase texture and form. She enjoys working on a large scale and has increasingly been taking commissions to create “worlds you can tumble into”.

You can find Liz on her two Instagram accounts, @englishwalkerliz and @eccentricallyenglish16, as well as on her Etsy shop, EccentricallyEnglish – where she sells cards and prints (she also has a shop on her website).

Liz works with the creative team at SOLD in Shoreham – a charity that works with adults with learning disabilities and/or autism, helping them to develop their commercial and sales/customer service skills.

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