Gary is an artist and poet.

He emailed us to say hi, then I replied asking him for a photo. When he sent one, I realised that Gary is a gentleman who used to perform in a band I like called Milk & Biscuits.

He’s been living in Worthing for 19 years, and teaches at Northbrook MET. He runs workshops in various different places (schools, art centers, museums etc) and has exhibited his work all over the World.

Gary’s poems have the ability to pinch your heart with one, unexpected line. They are beautiful renditions of normal life as told by someone who seemingly often struggles with his past and revels in the poetry of depressive thought. Yet, the poems are funny and charming. I like them a lot, and they could definitely make me cry on the right day.

Each of his paintings puts me in a different mood temporarily, and they drag me in… the longer I look at one the more it means to me. I like all of Gary’s work. He’s brilliant.

Gary is experienced and sociable. Get in touch with him for any reason at all and see what he says.


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