Motion graphics, design and photography in Brighton

Ieva Vilcinskaite – or Ieva Vi for short – is a BA Media Practice graduate from the University of Sussex (she got a 1st!), with a maze of websites and social media accounts that showcase her talent. I say maze, but actually it’s just two professional Instagram accounts (plus one personal one) and two websites. So, more of a small arcade of decent shops.

Ieva got in touch and asked to be registered as a Brighton-based ‘Beyonder’ looking to connect with more creatives in Sussex. She also told me to have a “powerful end to your day” as an email sign off, which I really appreciated.

Look at: Graphic design website / Graphic design Instagram (motion design diary) / Photography website / Photography Instagram

For obvious reasons, we couldn’t only list Ieva as a ‘Photos & Film’ creative, or just ‘Design & Illustration’ – so we’ve put her under both! Her motion graphics Instagram in particular is fun to click through. She’s already packed a lot into her portfolio, and would quite obviously be an asset to any team. Ask her to take some photos or do some design work for you.

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