Sculptures made from upcycled materials with lights

Jessica creates sculptures from naturally sourced and upcycled/reused materials, in a genre that she calls ‘Light Art’. She’s named it this not only because she wires most of her pieces with electric lights, but also as a reminder to take a light-hearted approach to life. “Humour and irreverence are strong themes at ‘Light Art’,” she says.

To assemble her creations, Jessica combs local beaches, forages in forests and explores bric-a-brac sales, both for materials and inspiration. Then she welds, sews, bolts, drills, screws, glues or sometimes simply fits together all of the ingredients. “I treasure the beauty of nature, people, battered old objects and unwanted rubbish,” she says. Her art is proudly sustainable.

Jessica is based in Worthing, where she has a studio along the seafront with East Beach Studios. Her playful approach to sculptures attracts viewers of all ages. Likewise, her work has sold throughout the world, including London, New York, Paris, Athens, Germany and all over Britain.

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