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Worthing or Beyond?
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John Gibbons is the Principal Conductor of Worthing Symphony Orchestra. He is also a very passionate ambassador for creativity in Worthing, and having spoken to him at various events in town – can say that he is a ‘bloody good guy’.

To list all of John’s achievements would be too much for this biog when we can just link to somewhere else that lists it, but he’s been all over the globe – working with the World’s best musicians.

Worthing Symphony Orchestra can be heard and seen at the Worthing Assembly Hall – a venue that is regarded as one of the best in Europe for it’s acoustics. To have such an incredible space, let alone incredible collection of musicians, is unbelievable luck. We urge you to go and listen to WSO.

Get in touch with John if you’d like to speak to him about music, the WSO, or his pride and joy – Wolverhampton Wonderers.

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