Design, Illustration, Children's Book Author, Bug Maker

Mark is really good.

Some of his most insightful work to look at online is the case studies for his children’s books. He shows you some character development work, and how the pages are sketched out. It really does enforce how much skill and work goes into a good children’s book. People can do what they like, of course… but there are far too many shit ones. I’m speaking as a father who has to read at least 20 a day.

There’s a large amount of finished project work on his website, and his Litter Bugs work alone seems like something much larger than a side project. He’s obviously very good over several mediums – craft, digital artwork & animation, and hand drawn artwork. His clients include huge names such as McDonalds, Skoda, The Sealife Centres, The Economist.

If you’re looking for a designer, illustrator or animator with experience, Mark should be on your list.

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