Best selling adult colouring in book author and illustrator.

Millie is a part of our People Who Seem To Work interview series, but she’s more famous for being a best selling author / illustrator of a range of adult colouring in books that celebrate the beauty of the natural world.

Her story is quite inspirational if you’re reading this and wondering if you should REALLY GO FOR IT as an artist. She was a school teacher (art) in Wales and didn’t feel her life was being fulfilled, so ditched her job and began picking up clients as a freelance designer. She was working for household names, and even had time to do some personal projects – which later became her first book.

Millie’s books are THE adult colouring in books. She had 2 of her books in the end of year bestselling paperbacks list at one point, and continues to come up with fresh ideas for new ones.

She’s quite obviously busy doing her own thing at the moment, but because she’s a lovely person – i’m sure she’s open to lucrative, I mean INTERESTING offers especially if it benefits nature somehow.

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