Maker and illustrator (found materials sculptor)

Nadia works from her garden studio in Worthing where she uses found materials to create 3D dwellings. She forages for wood and metal, in order to play with scale and colour in her sculptures, which then creates narrative. Each piece has its own identity, Nadia tells me, that is determined by its natural form and pattern – then enhanced by her inks and paints.

Nadia finds inspiration in the strength and beauty of landscapes and seascapes; most of her sculptures are designed to be viewed from all angles, as if they were real land/seascapes. Her sculptures are for sale in Heavy Gretel gallery shop on Warwick St, Worthing.

She is also a skilled illustrator, having studied fashion illustration at Epsom School of Art and Design. Just like her sculptural work, Nadia is interested in creating narratives for her 2D pieces, too – which then carries over to her 3D works. She welcomes private commissions for portraiture (her speciality), book illustrations and sculptures.

Nadia is Co-Director of Creative Waves, an Arts non-profit that organises public art, creative workshops and murals in Worthing. She enjoys teaching and inspiring both children and adults to experiment with numerous materials – giving them the opportunity to fall in love with creative thoughts and processes. Creative Waves is all about community.

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