Funny, sad and cute illustrations and live portraits.

Rosie is a personal friend of ours. She studied in Brighton and now lives in London.

Rosie’s work has a rare quality of seeming personal to you. Many of her illustrations appear unfinished, and as such come over as ideas that are beautiful in themselves, but glint with promise and mystery. Like a cult band’s demo recordings, these sketches ask to be collected and cherished rather than used or sold for business.

Once, Scott Hutchison from the band Frightened Rabbit come to her little stall and told her he was a fan. He lived in Glasgow but found her blog online and followed her work ever since. Rosie would be the first to say she hasn’t done anything in the way of self promotion – but her work still finds it’s way to the hearts of her peers, and that’s real success in our eyes.

She rarely does any new work but probably would do if asked. If you want to engage Rosie artistically, why not invite her and her photo booth (a tiny wooden shed painted blue that she sits in and draws people from) to an event you’ve got on.


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