Socraplease is the work of Tom Cracknell, a recent BA (Hons) Philosophy & Politics graduate from the University of Sussex. He is a passionate artist who experiments with a huge range of mediums, including acrylic paint on canvas, monochrome Sharpie portraits, magazine collages, rotoscoping, digital paintings on Photoshop, and more.

When he’s not inspired by politics or asking philosophical questions about art, Tom creates edgy, weird and punk-themed works that showcase his hand-designed font and signature jagged lines. His art has been featured by big names such as BuzzFeed and Adult Swim, and he’s enrolled in RedBubble’s Partner Program for officially licensed fanartists.

Tom currently attends art school in Cambridge, although he travels back to Brighton frequently. A worthy ‘Beyonder’, Tom is available for commission and eager to work with new people. Get in touch today!

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