Trevor showed us some of his work at a W&B event and we couldn’t quite believe how lifelike his oil paintings are. After that initial impression left me, I started to look at more of his work and gained a deep appreciation of his dedication to painting the seabed at low tide.

Rock pools, crabbing, seaweed and salt water – this, for me, is holidaying as a child. Trevor’s paintings could be stills from my memory. So, forgive me for being slightly biased, but I would f***ing love one of Trevor’s paintings in my house.

In Trevor’s own words:

“Whilst the tides are out, an illusion of stillness prevails; it’s in these moments that the opportunity for meditation presents itself. This impression of stillness is pursued in each painting, often taking many months to convey. Looking beyond these observations of the world and of the artists’ mind – the viewer is invited to delve into personal reflection and contemplation.”


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