What is Worthing & Beyond?

It’s an attempt to promote and connect certain people and organisations in Worthing (and sometimes beyond) via our website and at events. The objective is for positive things to happen in our town as a result. Worthing & Beyond is;


We add their profiles to our website and meet up once a month for a drink in town.


We seek out businesses who support creativity in some way, and promote them on our website.


We have begun adding charity profiles to our website. We want to find out what problems these charities face and see if the W&B network can help with solutions.

Who’s Behind It?

Worthing & Beyond is a side project within Huxley – a local ‘online accessibility’ agency who do work for the Third Sector (charities, local authorities etc). huxleydigital.co.uk

Huxley justify spending working hours on it by insisting it improves the perception of their business, although the true reason is that it’s good, and fun!

10% of Huxley staff’s time is spent on community projects.

Why Start It?

To encourage collaboration

The initial purpose was to connect creatives with local businesses to encourage mutually beneficial collaboration. W&B founder Tom Lavis uses his own experience at a Brighton based start up as an example of this working – where the company shared their business premises for free with local creatives outside of business hours.

To showcase and inform

After speaking about the idea with a room full of creatives in 2019, the feedback was that the town would benefit from a network that functions as a local database and e-magazine.

To launch the concept of Creative Volunteering

A later development phase of our website will see it facilitate ‘creative volunteering’ – which will offer creative individuals the opportunity to help any under-funded local charities and projects that they might feel a personal connection to.

We also hold free monthly

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