Worthing & Beyond was conceived by Tom Lavis – Creative Director at Huxley, and aims to connect creatives with paid work in the South East (ish) by showcasing each individual online. It is in its infancy, and lots of new people will be added as quickly as possible.

Worthing & Beyond is different from things like Dots and LinkedIn, because the profiles are written and uploaded by us, and extra content like podcast interviews are sometimes added. It’s completely free for all users, and anyone can register to be listed.

The idea was born shortly after Tom stopped working as Head of Creative at Brighton based frozen yogurt brand Lick (by the way, Lick was sold and now looks completely different). The Lick brand was a product of the people of Brighton – its customers and friends. Over it’s 8 years in existence, dozens of local artists, illustrators, designers, video makers, musicians and makers of all sorts had contributed in some way to the identity of the Lick, and largely as a result of it becoming so unique in it’s marketing output, became a successful retail product which found its way into thousands of supermarkets world-wide. The value of creatives to Lick’s success was huge.

Worthing & Beyond is Tom’s attempt to make it easy for any business to stumble upon creatives that can offer value to their brand. It’s starting as a simple database, unique biogs, podcasts when we can, and regular events and meetups. No doubt it will evolve into something a little different. We are doing this because it’s exciting to build something, because it’s a good thing to do, and because it matches the values of our small web design agency Huxley.

If you have any ideas around this which you’d like to discuss, please contact us here.

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