An illustrator and storyteller from Worthing

Pip Carter is a writer and illustrator whose work is influenced by a passion for wildlife, the natural world and conservation. She gained an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration from the University of Brighton, where she developed her narrative skills and love of storytelling.

Indeed, Pip spends most of her time writing and illustrating her own self-conceived tales: her first children’s chapter book, The Winged Things, debuted as an eBook in 2020. In a demonstration of her commitment to protecting wildlife, Pip donates 10% of royalties to the RSPB. Her work has also been published in collaborative books, and as contributions towards adverts.

Pip’s artwork has been displayed and sold as prints in local exhibitions, such as the Worthing Artists Open House and at Colonnade House, in a group exhibition with Worthing Climate Action. Her illustration style is a versatile mix of detailed pencil line drawings, watercolour and digital painting in Photoshop.

Contact Pip if you like her style, and keep an eye out for her work.

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