Tot Rockin’ Beats is an events agency based in Worthing, with their big USP being that their events are for people of any age, with close attention paid to making their afternoon raves friendly for children. Their website says: “It’s like going to an amazing festival, except you don’t have to camp and we are finished by 7pm”.

There are other sides to this organisation, too – with the founder Dan being a prolific blogger on his ‘Dont Believe The Hype’ website – “The Magazine For Dads That Were 70 & 80’s Kids”. On top of this, as part of the events arm, Dan runs ‘Dad La Soul’ – a music inspired club for Dads and kids.

In their own words:

Tot Rockin Beats is a non-profit social enterprise made up of an ever-evolving collaborative team of like-minded revolutionaries committed to social change.

Their mission is to bring communities together, change people’s perspectives of what art is and help tackle the causes of social isolation by allowing young families, the elderly and adults with learning disabilities to come together, at sell-out a wealth of arts-centres, museums, 1000 + capacity theatres, art galleries, and summer festivals.

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