American sea and landscape photographer based in Worthing

Steve Gallagher runs Jumpstart, a web design and branding agency based in Worthing. But when he’s not busy doing that, he moonlights as a sea and landscape photographer.

Steve was born in the Midwest, USA, where he studied Photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduating, he worked as a fashion photographer for clients such as Condé Nast, Paul Smith and Thierry Mugler, in New York, Chicago and Miami. Then, he began to apply his skills to graphic design, and built a successful career as an in-house designer within international advertising agencies.

In 2002, Steve moved with his family to London, where he set up his own graphic design business. In 2019, he re-located again to Worthing, where he’s now happily based. Steve’s current work marries his photography skills with his graphic design expertise to produce richly detailed studies of local flora, fauna, seascapes and landscapes. He held his first photography exhibition in 2020.

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