We’re off to a strong start in 2021

Header image by Papier Maverick

Despite being in lockdown, creative culture was still thriving in January. From virtual workshops to grant opportunities, and charity fundraising to art making, it seems that Worthing creatives were on a roll. Read on to find out what Worthing & Beyond was up to in January.


In January we made it over the 500 followers mark! We posted 20 times and shared 18 stories. Our posts consisted of 7 creative profiles, 3 business profiles, and 10 news items, with a total of 548 content interactions. We love sharing your work, and it seems that others love it, too, so keep tagging us and sending us things to share!

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The @WorthingandBeyond Instagram grid as of 4/2/21


We shared our second Q&A feature in our blog, detailing the recent collaboration between Hand Brew Co and Hello Marine. Go read it here, and order some beer while you’re at it!

We’re always on the lookout for blog features, so if you’re a member and are open to being interviewed, please do get in touch.


After gauging the responses from the meetup preferences poll we put out in December, we decided not to do monthly Zoom meetups, as many of you would prefer in-person ones. We totally get it – we know there’s nothing quite like feeling the energy of the room, getting to know your fellow creatives individually, and soaking in the inspiration!

So for now, our meetups are put back on hold, but don’t worry; when we’re allowed to, we’ll start them back up again. We also have some ideas for other in-person events, like workshops and talks, so stay tuned.


In January we welcomed 4 new creatives and businesses:

Papier Maverick, who makes quirky, eco-friendly, papier-mâché
HelloMarine, who makes vibrant, bold paintings & illustrations
Blueview Art Studio, a Ferring-based studio with a lot of heart
Colonnade House, Worthing’s Creative Hub

Go give their lovely new profiles a browse.

That’s all for our January Review! See you in March.

If you are a Worthing-based creative or business that supports local creativity and are interested in joining our free directory, please get in touch.

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